Kelly Ann William's IVF Story

Dec 15, 2021
Infertility story and infertility community
"My name is Kelly Ann, and I am here to share my infertility story. Infertility never even crossed my mind prior to experiencing it. It's a sorority of women you never thought you'd be a part of. It's something you can't plan or prepare for, and it looks different for everyone. 
I got married later in life (a couple weeks before my 37th birthday). When I had finally met "the one," we knew we wanted to try having children sooner than later (right after our wedding)! We were happy to find out, we conceived right away! However, we were devastated to discover a couple months after, we had miscarried our baby. Experiencing a miscarriage is devastating. I can remember crying with my husband on our hands and knees in prayer. It's so hard to understand why it happens, but we both are strong in our faith and knew God had a plan for us and our family. 
After multiple tests, it was determined I had hypothyroidism. According to my OBGYN, a baby would not have survived with my low thyroid levels (I needed to be on medication as soon as possible). Soon after, my husband and I were referred to an infertility specialist and endocrinologist. During what seemed a long time (many months), my husband and I went through testing/scans/medication treatments. Nothing was working. I was ovulating every month, but we were not getting pregnant. It was soon determined we needed to undergo IVF in order to have children. 
After lots of shots and prepping my body, I went through an egg retrieval. It was very successful (17 eggs)! With my husband's sperm, we were able to make 6 high graded embryos. 
In July 2021, we went through the implantation process. 2 embryos implanted successfully. We were ecstatic! Twins, oh my gosh!
However, in September 2021, we found out one of our babies did not make it. Even though we had a healthy growing baby in utero, it was so hard to grieve and accept the loss of our other one. 
Through lots of prayer and acceptance of God's plan, we are thrilled to be pregnant with our baby boy due March 2022!
Looking back at our journey (and it's definitely not over), I'm blessed to have my faith. During our infertility struggles, my marriage got stronger. I met wonderful women who had been in similar shoes. If you are struggling with infertility, don't struggle alone. I'm here and will be praying."
- Kelly Ann Williams
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