69. Drop the Shame for Good

Jun 20, 2022

Shame is a common emotion when you’re experiencing infertility. Many of us have this struggle in our lives and it is completely unexpected. What caused it? How do we handle it?

At the end of today’s podcast episode you’re going to know how to get out of the shame spiral that does no good to anyone, and know how to start to become more confident in your infertility experience so you can move forward instead of staying stuck in unhappiness. If I have it my way, you will even be proud of it because of what I’m going to show you it means!


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What You'll Learn on This Episode:

  • Why you feel ashamed of infertility sometimes
  • Understand your brain and the thoughts that can keep you stuck feeling shameful
  • How to reframe your experience so you can move forward
  • The process you can use to get yourself unstuck when you can’t seem to get past those pesky shameful thoughts
  • The movie comparison that will help you see your situation differently
  • The way I look at women who are experiencing infertility that will allow you to see your situation in a totally different and helpful way
  • What is Eu Natural and how will these supplements help your body before, during and after conceiving and beyond that


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