66. Seeing Everyday Miracles and Supporting your Loved Ones during their Infertility Experience with Claire Modersitzki

May 30, 2022

I had the most incredible interview with Claire Modersitzki that will leave you feeling uplifted with a new perspective on how to view the trials in your life with tangible tools to take with you today! I met Claire as we sat next to each other recently at the Hope for Fertility Foundation luncheon at the Modersitzki home. My friend McCall Weekes, who is on the board of the Hope for Fertility Foundation, (listen to that podcast episode here), invited me to the luncheon and I was absolutely blown away by the magic that is Claire! She talked about the perspective of being the aunt to these precious boys that came to their family through IVF.

I knew she could provide hope and wisdom for you today through the way in which she has supported her sister and the way in which she views this trial. You will LOVE this episode and walk away with new ideas on how to feel better now after you listen. 


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What You'll Learn on This Episode:

  • How Claire found out her sister was having trouble conceiving while in a different country.
  • Claire was on a mission trip for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and wouldn’t see her sister for 16 months from the time she found out. She talks about what she did to support her sister while living so far away.
  • The unique view that Claire has on miracles and what she asked those around her about them when she was so far from home.
  • The non-transactional way Claire created of loving and supporting her sister.
  • The mountain bike analogy that applies to all of us experiencing challenging in our lives that can help us see a better way to get through them.
  • The huge challenge Claire experienced in high school and the choice she made to move forward and help others with their challenges.


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