65. From Pregnancy Loss to a Large and Happy Family with Daisha Johnson of Always in my Heart

May 23, 2022

Daisha Johnson is a mother to 8 wonderful children, however, she never forgets that she also has 5 “angel babies” in heaven. It was so incredibly hard for Daisha and her husband Cole to lose these babies during pregnancy. Although they had other successful pregnancies, their hearts were broken each time they experienced a loss. Daisha’s water broke at 14 weeks during two separate pregnancies: one of their identical twins sons passed away due to TTTS at 16 weeks and they had two other early miscarriages.

Even though they had the support of loved ones around them it was still a difficult and lonely journey of grief and then trying to find peace and hope again. Daisha so desperately wanted to find support in connecting with others who had gone through similar losses and circumstances in hopes to not feel so confused and alone.

In today’s podcast episode, Daisha shares her journey of navigating those difficult times and the thoughts that helped her through. She gives her words of advice to anyone else experiencing loss and I know you will feel more hopeful as you continue your journey.


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What You'll Learn on This Episode:

  • How Daisha was able to get through the losses of her pregnancies
  • What thoughts Daisha turned to in order to continue moving forward
  • The way she set aside time to grieve that allowed her to process while not consuming every moment of her life
  • Daisha’s advice that she would have given her younger self and gives to all women going through loss
  • The nonprofit organization Daisha started to help other grieving mothers called Always in my Heart and what they provide for comfort
  • How to find support and read stories of other women so you remember you aren’t alone


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