64. Morning Routine Ideas to Get You Unstuck

May 16, 2022

There comes a time in any woman’s life when she needs to make some decisions. What will you allow in your life and what will you purposefully leave out even when it’s convenient to leave in? Your morning routine is the perfect way to start fresh. I have focused closely over the past few years on action items in my morning routine that really set me up for a mindset with less anxiety and more intention. This has been life changing for me and I know it will be for you, too!

You can start by downloading this printable to have easily accessible. I created the notes for you so you can sit back and listen to this episode any time you want a reset.


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What You'll Learn on This Episode:

  • What you may be doing to give your power away first thing each morning
  • What specifically I do each day when I wake up to start my day off right
  • What I never do in the morning
  • How to reset your body and get yourself active and alert when you really want to stay in bed
  • What I read each morning instead of my emails or social media
  • How to choose a morning routine that works for you
  • Why it’s okay if you don’t want to do the things you know will get you results that you want


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