51. We are all High Maintenance and Why That's a Good Thing

Feb 14, 2022

Have you ever been told "You're too high maintenance"? Comes with such a negative connotation, right? But have you ever thought about the fact that everyone is high maintenance? Society has placed such a bad taste in our mouth when we think of "high maintenance", when in fact it's a necessity as a human being in order to respect the things we need, such as love and attention.

Simply put, high maintenance means having high standards with respect to almost everything. It's not a bad thing that every human being needs food, shelter, or water everyday. And technically that is high maintenance!

Listen in this week as I break down different definitions of high maintenance according to the world, examples of why it's important to be high maintenance, and how changing your perspective on such a negative term can actually provide you the self care that you need in order to serve your higher purpose that the world needs from you.


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What You'll Learn on This Episode:

  • Our latest update on baby #3
  • New updates happening to the Fearless Infertility Program - you don't want to miss this!
  • The different worldly definitions of "high maintenance" and extracting the true meaning
  • Things we need to do that are actually associated with being high maintenance and why that's okay
  • How being high maintenance can also mean we have respect to our need for love and attention
  • That being high maintenance means you perform at a higher level and give yourself more space to use your unique gifts like they were meant to be used


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[00:00:00] Jenica Parcell: Hi friends. Welcome to Fearless Infertility, a podcast for women struggling with the mental anguish that comes with infertility. My name is Jenica and after suffering in silence for too long, I was able to pull myself out of the dark, take control over my mind and create joy during my infertility experience, I'm here to help you do the same sister. Let's dive into today's show.

[00:00:26] Jenica Parcell: Hello, my friends. And welcome back to Fearless Infertility, Episode 51. I am so excited about today's episode. Want to know what it's titled? I'll tell you. We are all High Maintenance and Why that's a Good Thing. This episode is so much fun because it defines a high maintenance and I will help you understand more fully how to properly take care of yourself, so you can show up in this world feeling your best and being able to contribute at the highest level that you want to contribute with your unique talents and gifts that only you have. Let's get into it.

[00:01:00] Jenica Parcell: Hey friends. Welcome back to another episode of Fearless Infertility. I'm thrilled that you are here with me today. First and foremost, I need to tell you something very important. And that is that yes. The air fryer that I have been sharing about on Instagram is in fact my latest favorite thing.

[00:01:17] Jenica Parcell: So Tyler and I, I don't know why I just said Tyler and I, I wanted the AirFryer. I don't think Tyler even knew what an air fryer was. And I got it, and we've just been absolutely loving it. I invested in it. It is from Walmart, okay? You can come follow me on Instagram if you're not there yet and we can just talk about all things air fryer if you're interested. And it makes things so crispy. So if you are, if you've listened to my episode with Juanique Roney, you heard that we should probably be eating a little bit more vegetables, okay? And I love, I actually loved talking with her because I was very real about it. I'm like okay, is eating sugar harder for you then like easier for you than it was for me? Like, was it really hard for you to kind of quit in the beginning and eat more vegetables? And she shared a really great mindset around it and a really easy, honestly, very easy way, I think, to get into eating more vegetables. And so I've been doing that, but you know, what's been helping? The AirFryer. Why? Because it's delicious and it makes your vegetable super crispy. And then you can put on some salt. And so anyway, I just got done eating lunch and I am thrilled with my purchase. I feel like we're going to be using that thing all the time. So I feel like you guys should know that. Like, if there is something that I love, I feel that it is my obligation to share that with my people. So consider yourself informed about the amazingness that the air fryer is.

[00:02:30] Jenica Parcell: Latest update on my IVF cycle. We are in the thick of it. And honestly, you guys, I'm doing a frozen embryo transfer and it is a million times easier than an egg retrieval. So, I'm sorry if you are doing an egg retrieval. I feel you. I've been there. It's worth it. Obviously I got my twins, Harris and Goldie from that, and we have frozen embryos from that. So, I mean, there's no way around it. You have to do it, right, if you're going to do an IVF cycle. But I also feel very excited that I don't have to do that again because this cycle is a lot easier so far than my other cycles. Currently I'm just an estradiol valerate. I will also be on progesterone injections. And then I will also do progesterone suppositories, which I will let you know how that goes. Last time I did it, it wasn't like the best thing. You just have, just drips out, okay? You're just walking and it just drips out and I'm like, it's not fun. So I'll, I'll let you know details about that because I'm sure you are interested.

[00:03:30] Jenica Parcell: If you guys want latest updates on my IVF cycle. So if you're new around here, way back in 2015, I wrote letters to my future child. Filling that child now, children, right? And now I know that it was children all along, with my twins, but I would update, in letter form, all about our IVF cycle, our latest doctor's appointments, how I was feeling. Some of them are hilarious and funny. Some of them are serious and it was a really great way for me to document the process. So I'm doing that again during this cycle, so if you want updates, on what's currently going on in my brain about this IVF cycle, well specifically this frozen embryo transfer is what the technical term is, cause I already did IVF. IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, which means making the embryos. And so since we have the embryos already made, what I'm doing right now is called a frozen embryo transfer, which is why it's a lot less invasive because they don't need to extract the eggs from my ovaries.

[00:04:34] Jenica Parcell: So I'm updating all of you there. It's asliceofstyle.com. I'm actually going to create a new website, that's just jenicaparcell.com and then you'll be able to choose whether you want infertility stuff when you get there, or whether you want fashion stuff or the blog about my infertility journey. It will be a lot more, it will just be like a central hub. I'm really excited about it. So look out for that. And I have all those blog posts there organized at the top. So if you go to the top at infertility, you can search by what you're looking for. So, if you're interested, I'm sharing a lot there.

[00:05:08] Jenica Parcell: I'm also sharing a bunch of it on Instagram, on my Instagram stories. And I'm creating reels to kind of take you on my journey, like little short videos. So come to me there it's @jenicaparcell. One N, J E N I C A. And I'm excited to get to know you and hang out with you and take you on this journey with me.

[00:05:27] Jenica Parcell: So another great exciting thing that's going on with me is I am reopening my Fearless Infertility program in April. And it's going to be structured differently. I'm so excited. I can't even say it without smiling because it's going to be really, really cool. So I'm opening it back up in April, and I'm going to take you through three month or quarterly cohorts. So you're going to sign up. We all start together on April 1st and I teach you the model that I believe is the answer to helping you have less anxiety, helping you feel more comfortable in your skin during infertility. Helping you with your relationships, helping you with your self-confidence, helping you control the parts of your infertility experience that you can while honestly loving your life. And I know, that if you've just found out you have infertility, or if you've been struggling, I know that this can sound like a very foreign concept, but I have personally experienced it myself. This is the answer. I've got you, and we're starting again on April 1st. So if you're interested in that, please, sign up for my newsletter, and I will also send you a free Morning Mindset Magic Checklist as well, which is what I do every single morning to prepare my mind for like a positive day, to get the things done that I want to accomplish and to feel good while doing it. So I'll send you that for free, and then I'll also let you know when the doors open for the cohort, and I would love to get to know you guys.

[00:06:52] Jenica Parcell: It's truly, genuinely one of the biggest pleasures of my life to get to surround myself with such strong, incredible women. And that's truly how I see you. I think that oftentimes you probably see yourself as someone who doesn't have it figured out. Who is weak. Who is struggling. And aren't we all, honestly? And I want you to know how I see you. Like when I, when I see someone with infertility, I literally get the chills. One, cause I'm like, I am in the presence of someone who is really incredible. Who has been asked to go through this trial that's so incredibly challenging, and for me, it kind of, without even knowing you personally, it helps me remember or know before, even talking with you, who you are. And I'm like, I want to get to know this girl. This is a really incredible human being that I think that God is trusting with this experience because of what he is able to teach you through it and what you can handle. And I mean, honestly, I'm, I'm just grateful to get to know you and I cannot wait to bring in those of you into the community that want to be there and starting April 1st, we're going to walk through together and it's going to be incredible. So I can't wait to get to know you.

[00:08:02] Jenica Parcell: Okay. I have a little backstory here for you guys. So I have been approached by Coconu several times in the past, and it never felt right to collaborate with them because what Coconu is, is it's personal lubricant. And before I started this podcast, before I started Fearless Infertility, I was like, I don't know, like, it just feels a little weird to talk about my sex life and talk about personal lubricant. Like it just felt like odd to me. Now they reached out and we've been like friends, right? I mean I use their products all the time, obviously. I never share anything with you guys that I don't use and love. And I was like, you know what, now's the time. So I reached out to them and I'm like, let's do this. And I'm so excited to share with you Coconu.

[00:08:45] Jenica Parcell: So basically the reason why I love them so much is because they are completely natural, okay? So their products are free from genetically modified organisms, alcohol, petroleum, parabens, gluten, phthalates, fragrances, and dyes. Now, why is this so important to me? I will tell you. So for any of you who are new or just don't know, I had Epstein-Barr virus a couple of years ago. And what that is, is the virus that causes mono. So you can imagine we kind of all have all heard of mono or maybe you have had it where you just literally feel so exhausted, all you want to do is sleep all the time. So I was diagnosed or, or this discovered that this was what was happening in my body after the twins were born. And I honestly, at the time you guys, I was like, you know, I'm going to be tired anyway with newborn twins, and I literally swept it under the rug cause I'm like, I can't, I don't have time to deal with this. I just need to like take care of and keep the humans alive. You know what I'm saying? And by the humans I also mean myself. Like me and the children, we just got to keep us alive, okay? I was in like the basics. Like let's feed us. Let's bathe us. Let's house us. And like, that's all I've got, right? So fast forward three years, and I'm just literally feeling like I want to sleep all day, every day. By 1:00 PM every night, and this is the point where in my motherhood, I was getting enough sleep. Like I should not have been this tired. And Tyler was like Jenica, I think there's something wrong with you. Like you shouldn't be, be like this. And I literally got offended at first you guys, I was like, you know, you don't really understand what it's like to be home with three-year-old twins all day, every day. And you would be this tired too if you understood, and if you were in my shoes. I was like, you don't get it. Like the levels of exhaustion that are happening in my mind, and in my body right now, like you just can't comprehend because you're not in my shoes. And then I started thinking about it. And my ego, I just kind of set my ego aside for a minute. I'm like I can pick you back up later, we're just going to set you aside there for now. Here's a, here's a diet Coke. And I was like, maybe he's right. Maybe I shouldn't be feeling exhausted and wanting to sleep all day when it's been, you know, and it was like the kind of exhaustion where it's just like to your bones were where I was like making things up in my head. Like I'm gonna like pretend I'm sick and like, go to a hotel and sleep for three days. Like it was weird you guys. So I'm like, this is a problem. We're going to go ahead and address this.

[00:10:55] Jenica Parcell: So long story short, I got diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus and I was very lucky with everything that happened there. There's a whole blog post on it on asliceofstyle.com if you want to look it up and how I recovered from that. But essentially 95% of us have the virus in our systems, but our immune systems can suppress it. I had gone through so much with all of my IVF cycles, with a twin pregnancy, with getting preeclampsia, with delivering early because of that. And then my body was like, okay, we're going to tap out, we're done girl. Like we can't, we can't, you're like asking too much of us. And I'm like, I know. And so anyway, I couldn't suppress it anymore. And I had this, like this raging case, and I say raging case, because that's what the doctor said. She was like, you have a raging case of mono is exactly what she said. And then I went to another doctor and he's like, oh, it's the Epstein-Barr virus.

[00:11:39] Jenica Parcell: So long story short, it was a long recovery. Like I really, I really committed to eating healthy. I had raw fruits and vegetables during the day. And then I would kind of like, after a couple of weeks, I started having like a normal ish dinner. I was downing smoothies, like 40 ounce smoothies full of all sorts of fruits and vegetables. I was taking like 15 different supplements. I was going to holistic health practitioner and doing random things like the HOCATT machine that draws out toxins from your cells. I mean, I was like, I was all in, right? As I'm like, I'm not going to feel like this. I am like in my thirties. I shouldn't feel like I want to sleep all day. It's interfering with everything that I want to do. Being an incredible mom, leading this community in Fearless Infertility. And so I committed to it and it worked and all of the things worked.

[00:12:24] Jenica Parcell: So I started to research toxins. And every toxin, every environmental stressor, everything we eat, can either enhance our health or it can detract from our health. And I think that so many things had gone on all at once, that my body was like, we're done. Like, we cannot handle all these toxins and all this pressure. And so I really keep in mind that now. Like I switched over, I mean, the products I was using on my body, my lotion, my shampoos, my conditioner, I researched phthalates, which are typically in fragrance and they cause hormone disruption, mimic hormones, your hormones can't function properly. [00:13:02] Jenica Parcell: And so I eliminated so many toxins. And so that's why long story short is that's why it's so important for me to, whenever I'm choosing a product, be very intentional about it because all of it adds up. And so with Coconu, I love it because it's incredible lubricant that we use. But it also doesn't have any of the additional toxins in it. It's like, I mean, you could like eat it and you'd be fine. And, that was important for me when choosing a lubricant that actually works. It's very moisturizing. It's really good for your body. And I thought that now would be an incredible time to tell you guys about it because that's what we're doing, right? We're, we're trying to procreate, we're trying to grow our families and in doing that, you're having sex. And so I want you guys to be choosing products for your body that is going to help your health, enhance your health. And not detract from it. So if you use discount code FEARLESS, it will take 15% off all of their products on their website. Go to coconu.com and you'll be able to shop there. My personal favorite is the oil-based lubricant. They also have water-based lubricant. They have a massage oil and I just really stand by and love all of their products so I wanted to pass that discount code along to you.

[00:14:18] Jenica Parcell: Alright my friends let's get into today's podcast review. I loved it. I can relate to so many of the reviews that you guys leave because they're the reason why I do this podcast and show up for you and continue to research and I'm so passionate about you and sharing these tools to help you because I've been there. So she says, the username is kcferosa and the review title is, ' Infertility- a bad word'. Despite being, trying to conceive 17 cycles, infertility has felt like a bad word, a shameful word, and I have avoided it at all costs. But that cost has been high. And I have alienated myself from other people that may be going through a similar situation and made myself feel alone in this struggle. I found Jenica's podcast on a whim and fell in love. I realized that infertility is not a bad word and it doesn't define us as women or as individuals in this struggle. This podcast has helped me come to terms with my reality, and it has even helped me find the courage to work on getting help and to share my story with others. I found a community and I feel like I belong again. Thank you, Jenica. Okay, this one made me emotional because I think it's beautiful. One, I love that she acknowledged, I made myself feel alone in this struggle. I mean, that's a huge, beautiful, brave acknowledgement. And that's such an incredible place to start is to really own what's going on there. Another thing that really stood out for me is she found this podcast on a whim, right? I would love to know how, if you could email me, when you email me to get your PJ's and socks, I would love to know how you found it, because the reason why it's so important for me to encourage you to write reviews is because people who feel alone, who don't know that there are resources and tools available to them can find this podcast based on your reviews, because it makes it more visible. So you guys did this. I'm so grateful that you are a part of this community. Please tag me when you share on Instagram your favorite podcast episodes. I will repost. Please send the links to people that you love, that you think might benefit from this podcast. And please leave a review and subscribe so that you receive all of the new episodes, right to your favorite podcast platform. You guys are amazing. So if kcferosa, if you would email me at [email protected], I would love to send you some PJs and socks, so send me your address and your size.

[00:16:42] Jenica Parcell: Alright y'all, as you know, when I am working out, at this point you probably have heard that I just, I feel like I just receive so much insight. I don't know what it is. I would actually like to do some research on what is the correlation between like working out really hard and like getting the information that you need to your brain. I feel like it's almost like your soul and your spirit's like, alright, she's here. She's showing up, like she's pushing herself. And it's like, it reaches up for that higher, like divine knowledge. And so, anyway, I don't know. I would actually love to like, have conversations about this cause that's, it's super fascinating to me that I consistently get really great insight and honestly, divine inspiration when I'm working out. And it's oftentimes like pretty much all my podcast episodes have come to me and the idea for them I've come to me when I'm exercising.

[00:17:30] Jenica Parcell: So today's episode is no exception. And I going to be talking about how we're all high maintenance and why that's a good thing. And I was laying on my back porch the other day. It's literally like 35 degrees, but it was sunny and there wasn't any wind so it actually felt really nice. And I was telling on my Instagram stories, I think I made some of you guys laugh where I said I am high maintenance and I'm okay with that. And if you're not high maintenance, or you don't think you're high maintenance you're probably just not acknowledging your own needs and you're not acknowledging what you need and giving yourself the self care that you, you would do better with and thrive with. And so I was thinking about that term, right? Because high maintenance has a negative connotation. So I looked up a few definitions online and one of them surprised me. I was very pleased about, and two of them, I was like, yeah, it sounds like that's the standard definition. And ironically enough, the ones that were negative and like, honestly dumb in my opinion, are the ones that were on like these man websites. I don't even, I'm not even gonna tell you what their website titles are cause they're stupid. I'm not going to promote that crap.

[00:18:36] Jenica Parcell: So the first one that was so dumb, I thought, it has a negative connotation to it. And this definition that was on this website alluded to that. So it says, what is a high maintenance girl? A high maintenance girl places a strong emphasis on her own image wants, needs and desires. Her feelings are her highest priority, and she expects everyone around her to conform to herself created worldview and value. That's ridiculous. I mean, it can be your definition of high maintenance, but that's not my definition. You Dom, Dom.

[00:19:07] Jenica Parcell: Okay, another website also written by a man. And this is not a man hating. I love men. Okay. I love my husband. I think that men and women have beautiful, equal contributions, different, but equal contributions to the world, okay? So this is not hating on men. I just think the man who wrote this as an idiot, okay? I'm just going to say it for you. Alright, so the next one says 10 signs she's too high maintenance. It was like an article saying that like, if your girlfriend is too high maintenance, here's the signs and maybe you should, maybe you should dump her, you know? Oh, I can't, I can't even say this without laughing. It's so dumb. She's consumed by her appearance. She's too needy. Her mother dictates her every move. She always plays the victim. She can't get over minor setbacks. She won't let you be independent of her. She doesn't stop complaining and she selfishly uses people. Okay, these definitions of high maintenance are stupid. But this is like the world's definition of high maintenance, right? And I was thinking the other day, as I'm laying there on the freaking back porch, because I need to get some vitamin D I was like, I am high maintenance. And honestly, you guys it's annoyed me for years because I am high maintenance, right? The things that I need to do on a regular basis to help myself feel mentally and physically well is a lot of effort. Okay? It's a lot of effort. It is what it is. And it's annoyed me for so many years. And then all of a sudden it hit me. I was like, no, no, no, we're all high maintenance. Every single one of us is high maintenance. And if you're not acknowledging it, you're just not acknowledging the fact that, one, you're a human and two, you have needs, and three, you should probably be pretty intentional about meeting those needs or else you're probably not meeting them, and therefore you're not being able to contribute to the world in the way that you would like to contribute to the world. [00:20:50] Jenica Parcell: So here's the definition that I saw in high maintenance on the internet that I liked. And I, I was, to be honest, this is the first one that I saw, and I was shocked. I was like, who is this that wrote this? This girl or this man understands that, like what's up, you know? So this definition says a high maintenance girl is someone who has high standards with respect to almost everything. Okay. Alright. We can get on board with that. A high maintenance girl is someone who has high standards with respect to almost everything. She not only has high expectations with respect to material things, but also with respect to her need for love and attention. And I'm going to stop with this definition for a second and put in my own 2 cents. Love and attention that she can give herself, right? Continuing, being high maintenance can be related to anything. It can be materialistic, emotional, or otherwise. Amen, sister. I love this definition and I agree with you. I think that literally all human beings are high maintenance. By nature, you are high maintenance. Okay? What does that mean for us? We need to eat every day, that's high maintenance, like, I mean every day, right? You don't just like feed yourself once and like, alright, I'm good, I ate. I mean, multiple times a day, you got to eat that's high maintenance. Okay, we need a drink every day. We can't just drink a drink of water when we're first born and be like, alright, we're good. We drank. We're done. No, we're high maintenance, meaning we need to maintain that and continue to drink every day, right? We need shelter. I mean, this comes at great cost. We need to make enough money to buy the shelter that we need. In the past, this meant like foraging and building and I mean, having the proper shelter and maintaining a proper, proper shelter that's clean for ourselves, is high maintenance. And we also have high maintenance needs. That are emotional, right? We have needs that are great emotionally and when we don't admit that that is true, we are simply disregarding the fact that we are human beings, and all human beings need a lot of care to perform our best.

[00:22:44] Jenica Parcell: Now what does perform mean, right? Perform our best. It means showing up for other people. It means contributing to the world and the way that we have been called to contribute to the world by our creator and by showing up to bless others with our gifts and talents that only we can. Now we cannot do that unless we fill our needs first because you can't give from an empty cup. If you're exhausted, if you're not eating, if you're not sheltered properly, if you are not drinking. Good luck serving in your highest power when you're, when you can't even serve your basic needs, right? When you can't even fulfill your basic needs.

[00:23:17] Jenica Parcell: And I think that it is incredible to acknowledge this and embrace it versus fighting against it because honestly, you guys, for me, for a long time, it was very annoying that I was a human. It's very annoying to me that I need enough sleep. It's very annoying to me that I need to eat the proper foods. It's very annoying to me that I have so many needs, right? And I resisted this for a long time. Then I also thought to myself, why am I putting myself through this torture? I am a human being and I'm not going to change anytime soon, unless there's like something that I don't know. Right? I am a human being. I was born a human being. God created me to be a human being. So why am I resisting the fact that all of these things need to get done. They're going to still need to get done regardless if I'm resisting them or not. Maybe I should look at it as a way to learn and grow and embrace and see it as a way to when, when I'm fulfilling my needs, like, hey, I'm doing an incredible job giving my body the needs that it has and fulfilling those needs, right? So I can then contribute and use like those higher gifts that I feel like I have personally been blessed with, that you all have been personally blessed with, to be able to contribute to the world and make this world a better place. Make your family a better place. Make your neighborhood a better place, right? Have a great relationship with your spouse. Whatever it is that you can contribute. Now I wish it wasn't this way either, but it is. Like you are a human being. Don't shoot the messenger sister. You are a high maintenance, human being. That's what you were born with. You're not a robot. And I also think it's a beautiful thing.

[00:24:46] Jenica Parcell: So now I can see from that perspective, now I'm not annoyed anymore that I'm a human, right, and I can see what I can learn from it. Right? There are so many things that we learned because of our bodies, because of the high maintenance nature that it is to be a human being. There are, I mean, it's beautiful. I think it's like looking back on it. I'm like, oh my goodness. God is a genius. Indeed because the things that we learned through our bodies are things like discipline. I learned moderation. I learned compassion and I mean, I could go on and on and on. And I'm just grateful for it. Right? There's so many things because of my body and because of what I need to do to maintain my body that I learned characteristics that I can then apply to other areas of my life.

[00:25:30] Jenica Parcell: Now, what does this specifically mean for me? If you're like, I don't know if I'm high maintenance, like first of all, just go back to those basic needs that are very high maintenance and you need to consistently do in order to feel your best. What this means consistently for me is once a month, I go to a chiropractor. My spine is a little bit curved. I have scoliosis a little bit. If I don't go to the chiropractor, I don't feel well and my back hurts. And if I don't schedule it out, when I'm there, it typically doesn't happen because I get distracted and other things come up and so I'm very meticulous. I know myself. And so when I'm there, I schedule it out for another month from now. And I don't like going, right? It's an interruption to my day. I'd rather work. I'd rather be here with you guys. I'd rather be creating for you guys, but if I don't take care of that first, I cannot fulfill my higher purpose. This means for me and my morning routine, if you want to download my morning routine, that is truly, I mean, honestly, life changing for me. I really spent a couple of years curating it and what helps me feel my best mentally and the things that I do every morning to be able to get myself in that mental space that I can do the things that I need to do in order to feel my best. If you go to fearlessinfertility.com, you can download that for free and it will also kick you into my newsletter that I can then send you updates to help you in really great suggestions on how to take care of yourself and to continue to support you in your infertility experience.

[00:26:54] Jenica Parcell: This also means enough sleep for me. This is very inconvenient for me, okay, cause in my mind I'm like, no, no, no. Sleeping eight hours a night, that seems a little excessive. There are a lot of other things I'd rather be doing than sleeping. But it is what it is. I literally feel like crap if I don't get my sleep. So I take care of my brain and my body and I say, alright, I'm high maintenance. I'm going to take care of myself. I'm going to do that.

[00:27:13] Jenica Parcell: This means eating well. Again, this is another thing that I would prefer not to have to do. I love to eat sugar all day. Tastes delicious. But I also feel like garbage when I do that. So it means eating well, being very intentional about the things that I put in my mouth. Do I still eat cotton candy? Sometimes. I bet you weren't expecting me to say that. Yes, I do. I'm a kid at heart. I love me some candy corn. I love me some cotton candy. I love me anything that you like, any kid would love. You just send that over my way. But I also know that I need to take care of my needs. I need to eat my vegetables. I need to eat my fruits and I feel better when I do.

[00:27:47] Jenica Parcell: This means extra maintenance when I'm sick. Do I like to do that? Do I like to rest? No, I don't. I'm just going to say it, admit it. People, honestly, like my mom thinks I'm crazy. She's like I have no problem resting. And I'm like, it's very hard for me to rest. I prefer to be going. I prefer to be active, but if I'm sick, it's extra maintenance, right? This means taking my vitamins every day, researching things that are better for my health, that make me feel my very best. [00:28:10] Jenica Parcell: It means alone time. For me, I feel like I'm like an introverted extrovert. I love being with people. I love learning from people. I love talking with people. I love being in public. I also really, really need my alone time. I like my reflection time. I like to slow down. And when I'm not in silence and stillness enough, it takes its toll on me mentally. So I need to have my alone time. Carve that out in the mornings, carve that out in the evenings and pay attention to that.

[00:28:40] Jenica Parcell: This means nourishing my brain with good books. I like to constantly be lists, not constantly, right? I do think there, there are really incredible opportunities that happen when we give ourselves space and quiet, but I like to nourish myself when I am, when I've already fulfilled that quietness, that stillness, right, with listening to audible. I love listening to incredible podcasts. I like reading books before bed. It means nourishing and growing and learning.

[00:29:07] Jenica Parcell: I also choose to nurture relationships that are good for me and be very selective about the people that I surround myself with. The people that I spend the most time with. I choose friends that I think are incredible people that I look up to. I, choose to nurture my relationship with my husband and spend the effort and the work that it takes in order to nurture, and nourish those relationships.

[00:29:29] Jenica Parcell: I'm high maintenance. And I think if you're not, based on my definition of what high maintenance means, then you are probably not giving yourself some of the self care that you need, that you deserve, and that will benefit you in being able to serve your higher purpose and be able to show up in the world with the characteristics that you need to be able to give to other people, like I know you have on your heart. So again, download my Morning Mindset Magic Checklist to help you with this. I think that you will love these seven things that I do or never do every single morning to be able to put you in that positive mindset. You'll be able to download that at fearlessinfertility.com/mindsetmagic. And I'm excited to get to know you guys better. So just keep following along, keep showing up here, and participate where you can. I love to see it when you guys tag me on Instagram so I can share what you love about the podcast. You can share and bring other people into this community. It's just this beautiful space full of really, really strong women. And I hope you feel that, I hope you hold your head high. I love you guys. And I will see you here next week. Thanks for being here. Bye.

[00:30:34] Jenica Parcell: I know how tough it is to struggle through infertility. If you're ready to get ahead of the pain and frustration, the best way is to create an ironclad mindset. That's where it all starts. I have the best free download for you. You're going to love it. It's my free Morning Mindset Magic Checklist. You'll get the seven tips I use to create my mindset each morning so I can create a life I love despite my challenges. You will lower your anxiety and increase your peace. I spent a couple of years of trial and error and finally came upon this list of actions I take or never take every morning, even when I don't want to, because they work every single time. Download for free at fearlessinfertility.com/mindsetmagic.

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