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“She has completely changed my life and helped me in the darkest of moments.

Jenica has taught me so much and given me a positive perspective on infertility, and honestly, life in general. She has been the biggest cheerleader and mentor in all of my struggles. She is the kind of person you can tell anything to with no judgement. After every call, I always feel very optimistic about my fertility journey. 

I will admit, sometimes it’s awkward and uncomfortable talking about things that are so personal. But Jenica makes it so easy!"


- Makayla Belvoir

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“Jenica has helped to lighten the stress, anxiety, and mental load of infertility.

Jenica was warm, welcoming, and understanding. I love how after only a few interactions she felt like a friend and confidant. She has helped me to see my infertility more objectively. She is great at breaking down your feelings and helping you process what is going on. I also appreciate how she shares personal insight and isn’t afraid to share her own experiences with you.

I am still dealing with infertility, but I feel that her coaching has helped to lighten the stress, anxiety, and mental load associated with this process."


- Christine Moore

“Jenica brought me out of massive depression.

I was in a massive depression and had to take a medical leave from my job. Jenica brought me out of this massive depression. She really helped me trust my gut and strengthen my mindset. She helped me be my own advocate. I wish I would have started with her earlier -- I wouldn’t have had to go down so many rabbit holes.

I’m still emotional. But I can get out of bed every day and do my stuff. My marriage is so much better. We’re a team now! And even my husband’s grieving has gotten better. We’re stronger than ever. I’ve worked with a lot of therapists, and Jenica helps me with stuff I never thought about until I talked with her.”


- Devin Fitzpatrick